Saturday, July 09, 2005

body worlds

I don't know why I'm so bothered by this exhibit.  I've been downright avoidant of it, especially after my friends who went mentioned how fascinating it was partially because of the body of a pregnant woman being included.  Garvin is at work doing a med-pass this morning and I'm watching the Today Show for the first time in eons and the local segment is about to talk about it... I'm trying to force myself to watch it to see if I can deal with it.  I understand the need to study anatomy and the value of the technique used, but somehow to exhibit the bodies in poses such as if they're playing baseball just feels... exploitive to me, not to mention morbid.  Tomorrow's church service is about it, and I'm planning to skip church specifically because of this (not that I don't have other things to be doing at home, like working on Garvin's Dumbledore costume - if I don't get it done today - unpacking, other sewing, etc, plus a friend's birthday party on the other side of town if I can stand the forecasted 86 degree heat).

I feel vaguely ashamed of myself for being so nauseated by this topic.  I've made my desire to be an organ donor known, I think the human body is a wonderful and beautiful thing... I just really don't like contemplating how it all functions on a physical level.  I can spend hours on end contemplating how our minds work and trying to understand how other people view the world, but remind me that there's a skeleton under there and I... withdraw I guess is the best way to describe it. 

The segment is on now and they're talking about people coming to the exhibit on FIRST DATES... woah, that'd be a LAST date for me...

The anchor even said he finds it unsettling... the woman on site says that it feels like they're models, that they're not real and she's suspended the thought that these are real people.  I find that attitude unsettling, that she can forget that these are REAL PEOPLE, most likely very thoughtful, loving people that they made the conscious decision to donate their bodies to science... I think that's a big part of my problem with it, it's dead bodies taken out of context, removed from their stories (at least in the bits I've seen, but I'd think it's most likely the exhibits don't say much about the individual person's life, to protect anonymity).  My mind wants to know WHY there are healthy bodies available to compare to the diseased ones, why did these people in perfectly good health die? Did the ones who were suffering with disease suffer terribly? Were their families there to ease their passing?  The website for the exhibit mentions how the donors are consulted while they're still alive (or maybe they mean their families - the website itself is very difficult for me to deal with, what with the seemingly ever-present image of a man wearing nothing but his musculature, holding his own full amount of skin in his hand *shudder*).

It doesn't help matters that I've been having weird dreams lately - from dreaming that one of my mom's friends committed suicide, to something about Liam having been switched with another baby (and something about twins), and then this morning I was dreaming that I was talking to someone about my daughters but didn't mention my son... which have me waking up in a weird mood almost all this week.  I guess I'm just really not in need of further reminders of our mortality right now.

Friday, July 01, 2005

commonly confused words test

another unsurprising result I guess - from looking at the answer key (available on the author's blog), I see what I got incorrect (a couple of the words I thought were just misspelled, didn't realize that there were actual different spellings for some of the synonyms, they're only one letter off and it's one of the letters toward the end of the word so my brain must just stop reading the word before I get there since I'd actually NEVER noticed the different spellings in writing I knew to be properly spelled before *shrug*).

English Genius

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Way to go!

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Link: The Commonly Confused Words Test written by shortredhead78 on Ok Cupid

Liam's eatting some fried up egg yolks (keeping him away from egg whites still, just being mildly paranoid about food allergens, even though there's not a family history or anything, but the yolks are a good source of easily-absorbed iron, which helps a little with my lead paint concerns since iorn helps block the absorbtion of lead). He looks at me and says "mua mua mua" which sounds a bit different than his "mama," but I'm not sure if he's saying "more" or "mooch" (but in our house, it's basically the same thing since when he's eating solids it's usually mooching).

brain's melted, going to try to see if he'll let me clean a little more if I can keep from having dizzy spells like I was having earlier...

taking quizzes with fussy babe in arms

my friend Aibhinn had a test on her LJ blog about where you fall on the sexual orientation spectrum (I scored a 7, with -52 being completely gay, 52 being completely straight, and 0 being bisexual). No big surprise there since I've been saying for years that love has more to do with what happens between the ears, not between the legs. Though Garvin is definately woman enough for me... I've not really ever found a woman whom I was both attracted to, and could see living with for the rest of my life without seriously contemplating homocide.

So the baby was wanting to be held, and websites that only require mouse usage help with keeping my sanity, so I headed over to again to see what other tests were there and lo and behold, a decent Harry Potter test...

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yet another shocking test result, no?

Here's something really shocking... Liam was getting to be too much in my arms (he was thrashing around to the point I was worried about him hurting himself) so I set him down on the couch (which has his play fence around it as we're still working on getting the rest of the room "monkey proof")... well, I had Star Trek TNG on for noise, after screeching at me and seeing it was getting nowhere for a minute or so, he sat down in the corner of the sofa and was watching the show and then FELL ASLEEP! I'm talking about the kid who next to never falls asleep without someone interacting him to sleep (nursing him, holding him, wearing him, or at the very least laying down with him). This is about the 5th time he's fallen asleep on his own... but what makes this one really amusing is he's sleeping sitting up!... I took a couple pictures with my Clie (not sure where I put my little digicam at the moment and don't feel like dragging out the SLR)... I'll edit this post to include one of them when I figure out where I put the stupid hotsync cable. In other news, we've actually got furniture in our blue bedroom now that's intended to be in there, such as our big black desk (and a bed, imagine that), and we're moving the main computer in there (it's been in the dining room for the last month and a half - there will still be a computer in there, but a desktop model instead of a minitower - makes it easier to keep a little someone from pushing the power button or feeding fingerfoods to the DVD drive).

*sigh* my baby's growing up. now I should clean while the possible, quite likely he'll only nap a few more minutes with my luck.