Saturday, February 16, 2008

Clare's blessingway

Today I hosted a Blessingway for my bestmama-friend Clare. It went well, and since folks seemed to like it I've posted the text of the script I wrote for it here - all of the text was written by me except for the part that everyone had assigned parts, that part was written by Clare. It was sacred and secular at the same time, and seemed to go over well with all who attended. I'm fine with folks borrowing bits of it to host a Blessingway for another expectant mother, I'd like to know that you borrowed from me for it tho.

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MamaChatrez said...

Ahmie -- Thank you so much for the shower. It was just about as perfect as it could be, and has made me feel so good. Last night was the first night in about two weeks that I haven't had stressful near-nightmares (as you know, it's been a hard time, learning of the loss of a young person I considered a sister, and consequently being overwhelmed by the small frustrations of life). Instead, I dreamed of everyone's voices, and I heard the visualization repeated again and again. Knowing I have such wonderful people in my life is making a tremendous difference in my ability to get back to myself and remember joy. Thank you!