Thursday, March 13, 2008

VP Pelosi?

So Pelosi was speaking today and saying "Democrats will have a Dream Ticket" but said it won't be Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama. The woman had a total cat-who-ate-the-canary grin on her face while saying it. I'd be willing to bet dollars to cents that she's been tapped to be Obama's VP, and she'd be a much better VP than Hillary (Pelosi has been in the US House of Representatives since 1987, Minority Whip, then Minority Leader, now Speaker of the House, opposed the war from the start, matches Barack's record very well in most areas from what I got scanning through her Wikipedia entry). That would work very well, as it totally undermines the support base behind Hillary without having the divisiveness Hillary brings to the VP slot - Pelosi is another woman "of a certain age" BUT she's got REAL national government level experience that she EARNED FOR HERSELF (and nicely she's seemed to "grow a pair" recently in arguing with Bush, she's been a bit too polite to him for my taste since becoming Speaker). If it really is about it being "a woman's turn" to Hillary's supporters, Pelosi is also a woman so that argument loses steam, and asking Pelosi over Hillary is easily explained because Hillary made the argument for it - Pelosi has more security experience, more experience PERIOD, and brings the "big state that Barack lost" of California legitimately (instead of the "big state" of NY as a carpetbagger).

Garvin saw the video too and agrees with me - she was just smiling WAY to big for it to be someone else who has been tapped. Watch for it. I don't think he'll announce anything of the sort before he's officially the nominee delegate-wise, but if you start seeing a sudden large number of superdelegates announcing support for him, it's been announced behind the scenes. Mark my words.

For those who still aren't feeling too terribly committed one way or the other, a graphic I made for you:
(that's formated 6x4 if anyone wants to print it out, I'm planning to print one and stick it in a magnetic 4x6 holder to stick on my van)

In other news, Del finally had his two bottom teeth pop through the gum line in the last few days. He seems really less than thrilled with the two weird, hard, sharp things in his mouth that he can't get out. NOt been doing good things to my mental funcitoning, lack of sleep combined with fibromyalgia flaring up (which it has been, off and on, since October - I haven't been at my normal energy levels since then) and I'm a bit off my game to say the least.

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