Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chimp-in-Chief speaking

Man, as if Barack's speech yesterday wasn't great enough on it's own (even according to his political opponents who bothered to watch/read it - apparently Hillary couldn't quite squeeze in the time), the current pResident goes on television today to tell us all about how morally "right" the Iraq war is/was on the 5th anniversary and couldn't have made the contrast between himself and Barack more stark if he'd tried. Seriously, the man is either too nearsighted (ironic, eh?) or dim-witted to use a teleprompter I guess because he has to look down at his PAPER script after every sentence, and his body language is so staged to look "strong" you can almost hear the person in his ear saying "now, pound your fist on the podium".

I believe it's important to pay close attention to politicians, more so when you disagree with their actions so you can try to head off their intended actions (my inner Hermione-watching-Umbridge-speak-at-the-Feast) but damn, I was EAGER to turn on the darn Doodlebops for Liam about 5min in.

Del's sick, had a fever over 100 yesterday but seems to be considerably better today, hopefully he'll be calm enough for me to get some work done. Haven't even had the mental energy (much less free hands) to reply to emails for a few days since I was sick myself this past weekend. Someday I'll catch up, right? *sigh*


Amanda said...

hope all is well with you.

Ahmie said...

we are all OK here, my fibromyalgia's been flaring up a lot the last few months and I'm exhausted, but nothing serious. Experiencing a creativity spurt right now as I'm coming out of the flare-up and as a side-effect I'm also VERY distractable (sleep-deprivation-induced ADD, basically, is how I think of it). Del's been cutting 5 teeth for several months now(first noticed the white spots before his birthday but the teeth aren't all the way in yet 2 months later, all four across the top and one of the bottom side ones, two front ones on the bottom are the only ones fully in and those appeared when he was 8.5mo) Plus Del's been walking since just before he was 11mo so my hands are extra full. Liam started pre-K this past Wednesday and I'll blog about it as soon as I get a few more free moments at a keyboard without fictional characters yelling at me to write their stories (I've written more words of fiction in the last few weeks than I have at any other time in my life, they've been noisy and adding to the sleep deprivation).

Will likely copy most of this comment into a new blog post but signing off now, typing around Del as it is.

Amanda said...

can't wait to hear.

Amanda said...

I left a comment on your Hubby's blog about your preschool situation.

hopealso (of hippie dippie bébé) said...

Hi hi Ahmie, you've been tagged! Head on over to hippie dippie bébé to find out why! :D