Sunday, March 29, 2009

Instigator (another original "poem")

When I was young
the great big They
called me an Instigator
slur-like and slanderous
as if I would amount to
and there was w real problem with that.

I have grown beyond them
And embrace my instigation
arms thrown open to the universe
I let myself in
and stir up trouble that needs some stirring.
I am the Official Nobody
and gleefully fulfill my role.

I have found
Everything Essential
in my Nothingness.
Perhaps not comfort for myself
(and surely discomforting for others)
but always

And that ain't Nothing.

(written on my bberry during the sermon at WSUUC)

1 comment:

Serena Castells said...

My understanding is that Instigators are the ones who get really important things done.

I've got civil rights on my mind since I finally got the CD with City Hall on it, and it's reminding me how strongly I feel about that one topic, possibly stronger than any other political ideal. Which is ironic, since one of the people I respect more than anyone, my grandmother, says that if she was to be an activist (which she isn't) the one issue she would fight is that one - on the opposite side as me.