Sunday, March 22, 2009

Their Feet (original poem)

Tiny, curling
In constant motion
They hike their wiggles
into my heart's deepest spot

now running
Circles and cycles
Flying so fast ahead
I struggle to keep up

Shy stumbling
Testing new ground
Still twirling and whirling
But to catch another's eye

Steady grace
Distance is growing
At an unbearable pace
They move forward into history.


(for Gabrielle and Beverly, and their parents, in honor of their 14th birthday. Look, Mike! No rhyming couplets!)


Serena Castells said...

Wow. This is awesome. Maybe the best of yours that I've seen, though I can't remember every single one.

Ahmie said...

glad you like it. I have a ton of older ones that are quite good too (some of them flow better than I feel this one does). Yesterday's News is one of my favorite of the non-rhyming ones I wrote, written shortly after I got married (so still relatively old - long dry spell with writing poetry).

I'm glad you commented, reminds me I ment to tag Mike on this occurrance of FB note so he sees it to share with the girls.